Emerald Coast Baseball Academy is a hybrid instructional concept that crosses over one-on-one instruction or group instruction with professional athletes and coaches.. Individualized instruction at any age group or level or a group/Team instruction up to but not limited to college levels. Consultation and preparation with college recruiting and scouting.. Showcases and tournaments to expose your athlete to top tier competition regionally, nationally and internationally. Instructions cover fielding, hitting, pitching, catching, form running, nutrition, weight training and the mental side of baseball. Instructors include current and former professional players, college and high school coaches.

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Arm Band Exercises for Pitchers

Medicine Ball Workout for Pitchers

Basic Warm up and Stretches for Pitchers

Exercises with lightweight dumbbells

College Recruiting Video Promo

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Jon Sintes Pitching in Panama

Jon Sintes Pitching in Tijuana Toritos

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